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What Is The Procedure For Obtaining An Appointment/Affiliation?

Individuals, firms or corporations licensed as agents must be appointed by an insurer(s) and notice of the appointment must be furnished the Office of Insurance Commissioner by the insurer on an Appointment/Affiliation Notice (INS­18). Agents must be licensed for all the lines of insurance the appointing insurer is authorized to transact. Agents, adjusters and brokers acting on behalf of a firm or corporation must be affiliated with that firm or corporation and notice of such affiliation must also be provided the Office of Insurance Commissioner on form INS­18. Licenses will not be issued without at least one appointment or affiliation.

An appointment/affiliation will expire biennially on the renewal date for the insurer or licensed firm or corporation that has been assigned by the Office of Insurance Commissioner. An appointment/affiliation is terminated when the licensee’s qualification license expires or is revoked, or when written notice of the termination of the appointment/affiliation is filed with the Commissioner, whichever occurs first.

To file a written notice of termination of appointment/affiliation, use “Notice of Revocation of Agent, Broker or Adjuster” form (INS­24 MSWord) or provide required information in letter form.