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What Are The Requirements To Become Licensed In Washington?

Washington State residents desiring any type of insurance license must (1) be 18 years of age, (2) be a resident of and actually reside in Washington State and (3) be trustworthy and competent. In addition, the following qualifications for specific license types are required:

  • Agents ­­ No additional eligibility requirements
  • Brokers ­­ Two years experience either as an agent, solicitor, adjuster, general agent, broker, or as an employee of insurers or representatives of insurers, and special education or training of sufficient duration and extent reasonably to satisfy the Commissioner that they possess the competence necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of broker
  • Solicitors ­­ May represent and be employed by but one licensed agent or broker and intend to make the soliciting and handling of insurance business under their license their principal vocation
  • Adjuster ­­ Experience or special education or training with reference to the handling of loss claims under insurance contracts of sufficient duration and extent to reasonably make them competent to fulfill the responsibilities of an adjuster.
  • Surplus Line Broker­­ Five years as a licensed property/casualty broker, immediately preceding the date of the application, or the CPCU designation with not less than five years’ experience in the insurance industry, or not less than ten years’ experience as an insurance company employee, or an employee of an insurance broker’s office or other related insurance industry experience, or have equivalent experience acceptable to the insurance commissioner.
  • Viatical Settlement Broker­­ Applicants for a resident viatical settlement broker must be qualified as a life insurance agent and appointed by each viatical settlement provider represented.
  • Managing General Agent­­ Persons acting in the capacity of a resident Managing General Agent must be licensed as an Agent for the lines of insurance involved and appointed as a Managing General Agent by the insurer.

Nonresidents must meet the same qualification as residents and additionally be licensed as a resident of a state that extends a similar privilege to Washington State residents. Washington State does not license or permit nonresident solicitors.

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