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How Do I Obtain A Company Appointment?

You must obtain at least one appointment by an insurance company within six months of your license date. You must hold at least one active appointment at all times in order to keep your license in effect. Your license will terminate if a period of six months elapses without an active appointment in effect.

Each company you wish to represent must appoint you by submitting a PIN 4151 (Appointment) form to the Bureau within 30 days of the date of execution of the first insurance application you solicit on its behalf. An insurer may appoint any licensed agent to sell the classes of insurance that the insurer is authorized to market in Virginia, but the appointment is limited to those classes of insurance authorized by the agent’s license type.

Upon receipt of an appointment form, the Bureau will verify that you hold an appropriate license and that the appointment is proper. The Bureau will mail you an Acknowledgment of Appointment card within five days of receipt of the properly completed appointment form from the company. Do NOT assume that a company has appointed you unless you receive the Acknowledgment of Appointment card from the Bureau. You may continue to solicit and submit applications to a company for a period of 45 days from the date you submit the first application to that company. If you do not receive an Acknowledgment of Appointment card from the Bureau within such 45­day period, you must cease soliciting insurance on behalf of that company until you receive such acknowledgment.

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