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Can The Prelicensing Education Requirement Be Waived?

The Bureau may allow you to take the examination without taking the required study course if you submit acceptable proof to the Bureau of having attained equivalent knowledge through employment experience. Your employment experience should include no less than one year of full­time experience as an employee of an insurer, insurance department or insurance agency, or equivalent employment as determined by the Bureau. Also, the employment experience should have involved the performance of responsible insurance duties in connection with the kind of insurance for which you intend to apply for licensure. You must have completed the employment experience requirement not more than one year prior to obtaining a passing grade on the examination.

Applicants desiring a waiver should send a completed Request for Waiver Form to the Bureau. The Bureau will notify you by letter of its decision to grant or deny your waiver request. If you are granted a waiver, you must submit the ORIGINAL letter that grants the waiver to Experior with your examination registration and fee or present the original letter to the Proctor at the testing center before taking your examination.

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