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What Is The Procedure For Applying For My License After Passing The Examination?

After you have passed your examination, you must submit the following to the Bureau at the mailing address shown above:

  1. The proper license application form;
  2. A current (no more than 90 days old) Criminal History Record Report, which must be obtained through the Virginia State Police; and
  3. The $15 nonrefundable license application processing fee.

Your license application must be received within six months of the date you pass your examination. Failure to do so will void your examination and you will have to satisfy all prelicensing requirements again.

You will not have to submit proof of passing the examination. Experior will notify the Bureau of your passing score within two business days of your examination date. After your application materials have been reviewed and approved, the Bureau will send you a license and you may begin to solicit insurance of the type for which you have received a license.

Each company you wish to represent must appoint you.

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