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What Are The Licensing Application Procedures?

If you wish to apply for more than one license type, you must complete a separate application for each. If you leave or are dropped by the appointing company listed on the application, you must submit a new application and fees. All new resident applicants are required to submit a Fingerprint Card along with their application. All new nonresident license applicants are required to provide a copy of the applicant’s criminal history record along with their application. For licenses requiring an examination, you may apply for the license and register for an exam concurrently. Complete the Individual Insurance Agent License Application and Exam Registration Form and submit them to the exam administrator concurrently (see next question) or you may apply for your license after passing the exam. To determine if you may be exempt from testing, please refer to this chart on License Type Information and Descriptions and the Licensing and Examination Procedure Checklist. Applicants for licenses not requiring an exam must apply directly to the Texas Department of Insurance.

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