How Do I Obtain An Insurance License In Indiana?

The Indiana Department of Insurance is empowered by Title 27, Article 1, of the Indiana Code to qualify those who wish to operate as insurance agents, surplus lines agents, insurance consultants and limited insurance representatives in Indiana. The legislature may make changes annually to these laws, and administrative procedures may be changed at any time. Licensees are expected to be aware of changes in the law that affect their occupational practice.

Some licenses require successful completion of a prescribed study course and an examination, or an examination only, before an application for licensure may be submitted to the Department. Other licenses have no pre­licensing study course or examination requirements before application. While pre­licensing education should help you pass the examination, it may not cover all of the material that will be in the test.

After you fulfill pre­licensing study course and examination requirements (if necessary), you may submit your application for licensure to the Department. The Department will review your application materials, and if your application is approved, the Department will send you a license and you may begin to solicit insurance of the type for which you have received a license. If your application is denied, you will be notified in writing as to the reason for such denial. You may not receive or accept, directly or indirectly, any commission or other valuable consideration unless you were properly licensed at the time of the transaction out of which arose the right to such commission or other valuable consideration and you are a duly appointed agent of the insurer at the time that such insurer pays such commission or other valuable consideration.

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