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What Are The Requirements For A Nonresident?

A nonresident must be licensed as an agent, broker, counselor, or adjuster with respect to any insurance activities on property or exposures in Georgia. A nonresident must be appointed in Georgia. Nonresident licenses only hold license classes that are in common with those classes held on the licensee`s home state resident license. Nonresident licenses are renewed annually. Renewal requires the submission of a status letter from the licensee`s home state and the payment of a renewal fee. Individuals holding a nonresident license who are required to meet continuing education in their state of residence will be considered in compliance with the continuing education requirements under this chapter and Georgia, provided the nonresident licensee`s home state reciprocates with Georgia licensees in the same manner. The nonresident licensee must submit documentation at the time of renewal certifying that they have met their home state`s continuing education requirement.