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What Actions Do You Take If The Non-Custodial Parent Lives In Another State?

Virginia DCSE may decide to enforce your order for support through long­arm procedures if it is determined that is the most suitable way to obtain the support to which the child is entitled. This means that Virginia can send income withholdings to the non­custodial parent`s employer (even if the employer is also in another state), and can attempt other enforcement measures when an order for support exists. If DCSE determines that long­arm is not an effective tool to be used in your case, a petition under the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA) may be sent to the state in which the non­custodial parent resides to request that state`s assistance. The UIFSA petition is usually necessary when court action may be the only alternative left in establishing or enforcing support. Because Virginia DCSE will be dependent on the other state`s child support agency for action, it is difficult to provide time frames, but you should expect that court action in another state may take six months and quite possibly longer to occur.

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