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I See You Publish A Most Wanted Poster. How Do You Decide What Non-Custodial Parents To Include On The List?

DCSE has certain criteria that must be met before a non­custodial parent is considered for the Most Wanted poster. Some of the specific criteria includes: arrearages that exceed $8,000; no voluntary payments in the past 6 months; whereabouts of the non­custodial parent unknown; a photograph that can be published must be submitted; authorization forms must be obtained from the custodial parent; the nominations go through a selection process and must be approved by a number of DCSE authorities. If you have a child support case in Virginia, the case meets the criteria, and you would like your case to be considered for this enforcement method, please contact the district office that manages your case. Unfortunately, the numbers of cases that may meet the criteria are more than the number we can publish. We reserve this tool for the most difficult cases.

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