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What If I Am Not Sure I Am The Child's Father?

If ORS/CSS is contacting you regarding a paternity (fatherhood establishment) proceeding, it is because we have received information from the custodial parent stating that you are or may be the father of the child. If you agree that you are, paternity can be established very quickly and easily, at no additional cost to you. If you disagree or are unsure that you are the father, the most important thing to remember is DO NOT IGNORE ORS/CSS CORRESPONDENCE! If you fail to answer the legal documents, fail to show up for hearings, etc., you may be deemed the father by a court or administrative order because you have failed to respond and thereby defaulted on your opportunity to make your objections known. If you truly do not think you are the father, ORS/CSS can arrange genetic paternity tests to determine whether you are the father. Again, it is extremely important that you cooperate with ORS/CSS when you are contacted regarding a paternity claim. You may hire a private attorney at any point in time, if you wish.

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