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What About Custody And Visitation Issues? Why Should I Have To Pay When The Other Parent Won't Let Me See The Kids?

It`s true that kids need both parents, emotionally and financially. Unfortunately, both parents don`t always put kids first when making daily decisions, whether it is deciding whether to pay support or to let the other parent visit with the children. As far as ORS is concerned, visitation and custody are usually court ordered and therefore just as legally required as child support. However, ORS/CSS is prohibited by Federal law from establishing or enforcing custody and visitation orders. Non­custodial parents must pay child support in accordance with an existing child support order, regardless of whether the custodial parent is following the order regarding custody and visitation. Utah law requires the child support obligation to follow the child. This means we will enforce the obligation against the parent who does not have physical custody of the child. If neither parent has physical custody of a child who is living with a relative, we will enforce the obligations of both parents. When physical custody of the child changes, we may enforce the obligation against the other parent (or parents) without modifying the order. If you are having problems with court ordered visitation or custody because you do not know the location of the other parent, ORS/CSS may be able to send an address request to the Federal Parent Locator Service. For more information, please refer to the information titled Federal Locator Service for Custody and Visitation Purposes.