What Should The Employer Do When The Employee Is Ordered To Provide Medical Support?

The notice will indicate if the employer must enroll the children in health insurance coverage. If so, the employer must immediately enroll (without regard to enrollment periods) the employee`s child(ren) in the health plan designated in the order. The employer must withhold and pay the required premiums and other insurance fees on time. The employer must also mail to the custodial parent within 15 days of enrollment, or upon request, a notice of the effective date of coverage, information on the dependent coverage plan and the necessary forms to obtain reimbursement for covered services. The Employer Summary Notice which accompanies the notice, has the custodial parent`s name and address on it. This Information is confidential and is not to be shared with the employee. Please contact our Income Withholding Inquiry Line Downstate: 217­782­1380, Cook County: 312­803­7253, for assistance with questions you don`t find answered here. Also available is the New Hire Reporting handout developed by the Illinois Department of Employment Security or, you may call 1­800­327­HIRE if you have questions about New Hire Reporting.

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