I Cannot Get Health Insurance With My Job But My Ex-Spouse Gets Good Benefits, Can My Ex-Spouse Be Required To Put The Children On His Health Insurance?

Yes, when the Child Support Enforcement Division establishes child support, it includes a provision for medical support to be provided by the noncustodial parent when employment related or other group health insurance is available at a reasonable cost. Court orders can also be modified to include health care coverage. Federal law requires States to have laws that should make medical support enforcement easier. For example, insurers can no longer refuse to enroll a child in a health care plan because the parents were not married or because the child does not live in the same household as the enrolled parent. The law also created the tool that child support agencies will be able to use to establish and enforce medical support when the noncustodial parent participates in a group health plan but does not enroll the child. This law provides that custodial parents can obtain information about coverage directly from an insurer, submit claims directly to the insurer, and be reimbursed directly by an insurer.

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