How Are Guardianship And Conservatorship Terminated?

Guardianship and conservatorship for a minor terminate when the minor reaches 18 years of age. If there was a conservatorship estate for the minor, the conservator prepares and files with the court a final accounting of the administration of the estate. Upon the court`s approval of the final accounting, the conservator transfers the estate to the former protectee and, upon filing a final receipt with the court, the conservator and guardian are discharged by the court from any further responsibility. On the other hand, guardianship and conservatorship for an incapacitated and disabled person terminate only when the protectee is found to be competent by the court or upon the death of the protectee. When either of these two events occur, the conservator prepares a final accounting for the court and the conservator and guardian are discharged in much the same manner as with the termination of a minor`s estate. In some cases when the estate of the protectee has been completely exhausted, the conservator may be discharged by the court upon filing a final accounting but the duties of the guardian will continue until such time as the ward is found to be competent by the court or dies.

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