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Key Takeaways:

  • An agent is different from a modeling attorney because an agent cannot give legal advice. 
  • A modeling law attorney can negotiate business contracts to protect their clients’ intellectual property rights. 
  • If a modeling client breaks an agreement, a modeling lawyer can enforce the agreement or get damages for a breach of contract.

The professional modeling industry can be ruthless. Anyone looking to get into modeling needs to make sure they are protecting their financial interests. You need to think about the intellectual property rights of your image when signing any modeling contracts.

People working for modeling agencies may not have your best interests at heart either. This is where an entertainment lawyer can help. An attorney who represents you has an ethical duty to act in your best interests. If you have questions about legal issues involving modeling contracts, talk to a modeling lawyer for legal advice.

Most of the legal issues models have to deal with involve:

  • Modeling contracts
  • Agency agreements
  • Social media contracts
  • Non-disclosure agreements

If there are any legal disputes, your attorney can negotiate to find a dispute resolution or take the case to court to enforce the terms of the agreement on your behalf.

How Is a Modeling Lawyer Different From a Modeling Agent?

Many new and upcoming models rely on their agents to make their business decisions. This can be dangerous if you have an agent who is not looking out for your best interests. A dishonest agent can take control of your finances, charge a large commission, and take a fee for managing your finances. Before signing with a modeling agency, consider getting legal advice from an attorney to make sure your rights are protected.

A modeling attorney is different than a modeling agent. An agent may work for the modeling agency or independently represent models. Agents generally negotiate agreements to get their clients modeling work. In exchange, they take a commission for a percentage of the amount their clients get paid.

A modeling agent can’t practice law, represent you in court, or give legal advice. A modeling attorney has a duty to act in the best interests of their clients. An agent may not have any legal or ethical duties of confidentiality or fiduciary duties.

How Can a Modeling Attorney Help With Contract Negotiations?

There are different types of contracts used in modeling, including exclusive contracts, non-exclusive contracts, one-time contracts, and mother agency contracts. Many modeling agreements are based on independent contractor templates that may not represent your best interests.

When an attorney looks at a modeling agency contract, they are looking for ways to protect your financial and professional interests. This includes making sure you will get paid even if your project has problems or if the client wants to break the contract.

You may also want to retain some ownership interests in your work product or have a right of refusal for certain subject matter. A modeling attorney can make sure your contracts provide the legal protections you need.

When Do Models Need a Lawyer?

When something goes wrong with a contract, modeling job, or getting paid for modeling work, an attorney can take action to make sure you are compensated for your time and efforts. One of the reasons it is so important to have an attorney negotiate your contracts is that they can customize the contract language to provide greater protection against any potential breach of contract.

Modeling is an international industry. It’s not uncommon to go from a job in Los Angeles to New York and then on to London. It is important to understand that contract laws and breach of contract lawsuits are different in different states and different countries.

Before you sign any modeling agreement, it’s important to discuss your questions with an entertainment law attorney who represents models. A lawyer can protect your rights when it comes to contract disputes and arbitration.

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