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Employment Law -- Employee

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If An Employee Were To Die, What Rules Apply With Respect To The Final Payment Of Wages To That Worker's Heirs Or Next Of Kin?

The deceased employee’s heirs or next of kin shall be paid within five working days. What penalties apply if an employer does not properly pay:

  1. minimum wage? No penalties apply, however, the aggrieved employee may bring civil action for enforcement and recovery of unpaid wages together with reasonable attorney fees and cost of the action. overtime? None.
  2. wages in a timely manner? It is a misdemeanor and punishable by a fine of $200.00 for each day the employer fails to comply with an order to pay wages lawfully due when the order is not appealed.
  3. If salaried supervisors, professionals or administrative staff can be classified as exempt from eligibility for overtime pay, is that exemption lost? There is no state overtime pay requirement that provides these kinds of exemptions.