Employment Law -- Employee

What Are The Permanent Records Required To Be Kept By The Employer?

DWD 272.11 Wisconsin Administrative Code provides that: Employers in the State of Wisconsin must make and keep payroll or other records for three years for each of their employees which contain:

  • Name and address.
  • Date of birth.
  • Date of entering and leaving employment
  • Time of beginning and ending of work each day.
  • Time of beginning and ending of meal periods.
    1. When employees’ meal periods are required or when such meal periods are to be deducted from work time.
    2. This requirement shall not apply when work is of such a nature that production or business activity ceases on a regularly scheduled basis.
  • Total number of hours per day and per week.
  • Rate of pay and wages paid each payroll period.
  • The amount of and reason for each deduction from the wages earned.
  • Output of employee, if paid on other than a time basis.

The required records or a duplicate copy thereof shall be kept safe and accessible at the place of employment or business at which the employee is employed, or at one or more established central record keeping offices in the state.