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What Are The Hours Of Work For Minors?

Employers of minors are subject to certain restrictions when scheduling those minors to work. The time of day when they may be employed, including how early and how late, and the number of hours which they may work per day and per week are all regulated. These restrictions depend on the age of the minor and whether or not school is in session during the period they are employed. Only high school graduates and other minors who are exempt from school attendance may be employed the same hours as an adult. Although a given minor’s required school hours may differ from another minor’s required school hours, no minor may be allowed to work during hours they are required to be in school. In addition to the hours and time of day restrictions, all minors must have at least a 1/2 hour meal break if they work more than 6 consecutive hours and no minor, excluding only those who are 14 to 17 years old working in agriculture, may be allowed to work more than 6 days in any workweek. Employers employing minors through written school work experience programs do not need to count the hours worked as part of this program during regular school hours towards the total hours a minor is allowed to work per day or per week. The regulations concerning the daily or weekly hours minors may work can be found on the back of the copy of the work permit issued to the minor and the employer.