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What Is The Free Osha Consultation Program?

There are four steps involved with the consulting process:

  • First, the consultant will meet with the employer to briefly review the consultant’s role and the obligation you are responsible for as an employer.
  • Second, the walk­through phase begins. You and the consultant will examine conditions in your workplace, and the consultant will make suggestions accordingly.
  • The third step is the closing conference. During this time the consultant will review detailed findings with you, and you will learn not only what needs to be improved, but also what you are doing well.
  • The final stage is the follow through, when the consultant will send you a detailed written report explaining the findings and confirming any abatement periods agreed upon.

Our preventative actions are to improve the overall health of workers in West Virginia while improving working conditions. If we are able to educate employers to comply with safety and health requirements, we have accomplished our goal. For information regarding the OSHA Safety and Health Consultation Service, contact: West Virginia Division of Labor
Safety & Health Consultation
State Capitol Complex
Bldg. 6, Room B­749
Charleston, WV 25305 (304) 558­7890
FAX ­ (304) 558­3797