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I Was Fired From My Job For No Good Reason. Is That Legal?

Yes. Washington is what’s called an “at will” state. Employers may hire and fire “at will.” There are no laws regarding termination, so employers are not required to give warnings or follow any particular steps. If you want or need to know the reason for discharge, you may send a written request asking the employer for a signed written statement of the reason for your discharge and the effective date. Employers are required to respond to the request in writing within 10 days. You also have the option of seeking civil recourse through a private attorney for wrongful termination. If you think you were fired as a result of unlawful discrimination, you may wish to consult with the Human Rights Commission. Here are some toll­free phone numbers to the HRC: Olympia­Western Washington: 1­800­233­3247
Seattle/Western Washington: 1­800­605­7324
Yakima/Eastern Washington: 1­800­662­2755 Another option, if you allege discrimination based on a violation of federal civil­rights laws, is the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. For a toll­free connection to the nearest EEOC office, call 1­800­669­4000.