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What Is The Osha Consultation Service All About?

The Oklahoma OSHA Consultation service is designed to help both employers and employees prevent workplace injuries and illnesses by:

  • Guiding the employer in the development of a fully functional safety and health program which addresses the areas of management leadership, employee participation, workplace analysis, hazard prevention and control and training. This is in addition to assisting with the OSHA required written programs.
  • Identification of physical hazards which may involve machine guarding; fire and flammable materials; electrical; material handling and storage; falls; personal protective equipment; and, other hazards.
  • Identification and monitoring of health exposure hazards, such as noise, and toxic air contaminants such as organic vapors, metal fumes, silica, harmful dusts and other substances.

The Oklahoma Department of Labor does not assess fines or penalties. Our service allows an employer to benefit from professional assistance which covers the same regulations followed by Federal OSHA.

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