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Employment Law -- Employee

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Must The Applicant Report Partial Earnings?

Yes. The gross (before taxes) earnings must be reported in the week the work was performed, even if not paid in that week. The law allows an applicant to earn up to 20 percent of the weekly benefit amount before deducting earnings from benefits. All earnings must be reported. The following example shows how the 20% earnings exemption is figured: Example The weekly benefit amount is $100.00, and weekly earnings are $40.00. To calculate the earnings deduction: Total earnings in week $40.00 Minus earnings exemption (20% of $100.00) ­ 20.00 Equals earnings deduction $20.00 To calculate amount of benefits paid: Weekly benefit amount $100.00 Minus earnings deducted ­ 20.00 Equals benefits amount paid $80.00

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