How Is The Application Completed?

The completion of the application depends on the method in which the applicant reports. When filing in person, the individual fills in an application form with information such as social security number, name, address, and telephone number; the name, address, telephone number, payroll stubs, and dates of employment with each employer for the past 18 months; as well as the reason he/she became unemployed from each employer. The applicant also must provide information about each dependent he/she wishes to claim. This includes the birth date and school name of each child, stepchild, or adopted child; documentation of a mental or physical disability of any child, stepchild, or adopted child 18 years or older who is unable to work; and the social security number and earnings for the past 90 days of a dependent spouse. When filing by telephone, the applicant furnishes the same information to a customer service representative. The applicant will receive by mail an Acknowledgment form that lists the forms enclosed: some to be read and retained; others to be read, completed, signed, and returned.

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