How Does The Applicant Know If He/She Has Met The Eligibility Requirements?

The applicant will be mailed a “Notice of Determination of Unemployment Compensation Benefit Rights” form that reports if he/she met the monetary requirement (weeks and wages). If the requirement is not met, the notice will report that the application is disallowed and explain the reason. If the requirement is met, the notice identifies the total amount of benefits and the period of time over which benefits may be paid. But this does not mean the applicant will receive benefits! The notice merely explains what the applicant will receive if the nonmonetary requirement (unemployed through no fault of his/her own) is met and he/she maintains eligibility when filing weekly claims. The applicant will be mailed a second notice, called the “Determination of Unemployment Compensation Benefits.” This form will tell the applicant if the reason for unemployment was “nondisqualifying” or “qualifying.” If the reason is “disqualifying,” the form will advise the applicant that benefits are suspended and will detail the requirements that must be met before receiving unemployment benefits. If the applicant disagrees with either determination, he/she may file an appeal for redetermination.

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