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How Does An Employer Report Wages And Pay Taxes?

Form NCUI 101, Employer’s Quarterly Tax and Wage Report is used to report wage and tax information. Liable employers are mailed one form to cover the first quarter reporting period. This form is personalized with the employer’s name and address, quarter/year, tax rate, Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) and taxable wage base in effect for the calendar year. The form is mailed on or about the last week of March and contains instructions for completing the form. For the subsequent quarters of the year, the employer will need to either file his report online, download a blank form from the website, or contact the Status Unit at (919) 733­7156 to request that a blank form be mailed to them. The data can also be submitted on magnetic media or online. Tax and wage information may be filed in a variety of file layouts on magnetic tape or diskette and electronic transmission, and is required for any employer or business reporting for one or more employers, who reports a total of 100 or more wage items per quarter. Payment for any tax due should be sent with the report.

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