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Employment Law -- Employee

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What is the current minimum wage in New York State?

For covered employees, the New York State Minimum Wage rate is $7.15 per hour. This amount may be modified based upon a number of factors. For example, food service workers who earn at least $1.85 per hour in tips may be paid at a minimum wage rate of $5.30 per hour. Different rates exist for other types of service employees, specified within a set of regulations called a “Wage Order”, which addresses the unique aspects of each industry or occupation.

Exceptions to the minimum wage requirements are:

  • Executives and administrators earning more than $386.25 per week
  • Professionals
  • Outside salespersons
  • Taxicab drivers
  • Government employees (However, certain non­teaching employees of BOCES are covered)
  • Part­time babysitters
  • Companions to the sick or elderly who live in their employer’s home and whose principal duties do not include housework
  • Ministers and members of religious orders
  • Volunteers, learners, apprentices and students working in non­profit institutions
  • Students obtaining vocational experience

Independent Contractors ­ people who are in business for themselves ­ are not considered “employees” and are not covered by the minimum wage requirements. These are the major exclusions.

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