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Are Certain Occupations Prohibited For Minors?

Yes, there are prohibited occupations for minors ages 14 and 15, and there are hazardous occupations for minors age 16 and 17.

PROHIBITED OCCUPATIONS FOR MINORS AGES 14 and 15 Occupations involving; mining, manufacturing, processing including laundry and dry cleaning, duties is workrooms, public messenger service, hoisting apparatus’ or any power driven machinery, power driven mowers/cutters, the use of auto pits, racks lifting apparatus’. Occupations in connection with; transportation or persons or property, warehousing/storage, communications, public utilities, and construction. Occupations in retail food and gas service establishments; work in boiler/engine rooms, maintenance/repair of machines and equipment, outside window washing, cooking and baking, operating, setting up, adjusting, cleaning, oiling or repairing power­driven food slicers, grinders choppers and mixers, work in freezers/coolers, loading and unloading goods.

HAZARDOUS OCCUPATIONS FOR MINORS AGE 16 and 17 Occupations involving or in connection with; explosives, motor­vehicle drivers, mining, logging including sawmill, power­driven wood working machinery, radioactive substances, hoisting apparatus’, elevators, cranes derricks, hoists, and high­lift trucks, metal forming/punching/shearing machines, slaughtering/meat packing, power driven bakery machines, paper product machines, manufacture of brick, tile and kindred products, circular saws, band saws, and guillotine shears, wrecking, demolition, and ship breaking, roofing occupations and excavation operations.