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How Do I File For Continued Weekly Benefits?

After you file your initial claim, you will receive a Claim for Benefits form to claim your weekly unemployment benefits. The Claim for Benefits form and the unemployment check are attached to one another; the form is actually the check envelope. The date and telephone number to claim benefits will be printed at the top of the form. You will be assigned a Wednesday to call for the first time. After that, you will be asked to call on a specific Monday or Tuesday. If you miss your assigned date, you should call on the Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday immediately following your assigned date. If you don’t call as directed, benefits may be delayed or denied.

Your unemployment benefits must be claimed by telephone unless, during the week(s) you are claiming, you:

  • Returned to full­time work;
  • Performed any commission or self­employment work;
  • Are entitled to holiday or vacation pay.

    If any of these conditions apply to you during the week(s) claimed, you must claim your benefits by mail.

    An Internet application for claiming weekly unemployment benefits can be located at . You may voluntarily choose to use this site to claim your benefits instead of claiming them by telephone or mail. If you choose to file via the Internet, you must file on your assigned reporting date (your assigned reporting date is located under your name and address on the “Claim for Benefits” form that is mailed to you). If you miss your assigned reporting date, you should file on the Wednesday, Thursday or Friday immediately following your assigned date.

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