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How Do I File New Hire Reports?

You must file a New Hire Report within 20 days of the date of hire. In the alternative, you may mail or fax a copy of each employees’ W­4 form, or an equivalent form approved or provided by NH Employment Security. To report independent contractors, you may use, a Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification, also known as a W­9.

MAIL TO: NH Employment Security
PO Box 2092
Concord, NH 03302­2092
Attn: Tax Unit Supervisor
TEL: (603) 229­4371 or 1­800­803­4485

FAX TO: (603) 229­4324 or 1­888­783­3598

You may also file New Hire Reports by magnetic media (tape, 3 1/2 diskettes, or cartridge). If you decide and/or are required to file your New Hire Reports by magnetic media, you must make two monthly transmissions which are not less than 12 days nor more than 16 days apart. For more information about filing reports magnetically, contact the NHES Supervisor of Data Preparation at (603) 228­4011.

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