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How Do I File An Initial Claim For Unemployment Benefits?

Open your claim by filing in person in the NHES Office nearest you, unless you are filing an Interstate Claim. You must file your initial claim in person within 3 business days after you become unemployed; or not later than the last business day of the first week for which you wish to file for benefits; or if you were previously assigned a day to file claims, not later than the day of the week previously assigned to file claims.

An Interstate Claim is a claim against New Hampshire, if you worked in New Hampshire, but you live in another state, or if you are filing against another state because you worked in another state and/or recently moved here. Please call 1­800­266­2252. If you live in another state, but within 25 miles of a NH Employment Security office and you file a New Hampshire claim, you must file your claim for benefits in person in a New Hampshire office.

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