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What Will Occur After I File An Appeal?

The Appeals Tribunal will send you a Notice of Hearing at least seven days before the hearing. You may be represented at the hearing by anyone of your choice, such as an attorney. However, it is not essential and most people who appeal do not hire a lawyer. This hearing is normally your only opportunity to present any testimony, witnesses, or documents that you think are necessary. So be prepared to present your entire case at this hearing. Documents must be mailed to the Appeals Office before the hearing.

Until the appeals referee issues a decision as a result of your hearing, continue to file claims for weeks that you remain unemployed. If you win your appeal you will receive checks for every week you filed for unemployment benefits and were eligible to receive them.

A written referee’s decision will be mailed to you and all other parties. If you are dissatisfied with the referee’s decision, you have 10 days from the mailing date shown on this decision to file a written appeal to the Board of Review. Include your name and Social Security number, and attach a copy of the referee’s decision. You must sign your appeal request. If you are dissatisfied with the decision of the Board of Review you may petition the District Court for appeal.