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What Will Happen After I File My Appeal?

Upon receipt of your appeal, a “Notice of Appeal Filed”, with further information will be mailed to you and the other appeal parties. Your appeal will be scheduled for hearing as soon as possible. A Notice of Hearing will be mailed to you at least seven days prior to the hearing date. The Notice will inform you of the time and place of the scheduled hearing, and the issue(s) to be considered. The hearing may be scheduled as an in­person hearing or be conducted by telephone conference call.

The appeal will be decided solely on the basis of the evidence presented and received at the hearing. Therefore, it is important that you prepare for the hearing. It is a good idea to write down in advance notes concerning matters you wish to cover and any questions you may wish to ask at the hearing. If you plan to have witnesses testify ask them to come to the hearing with you or be available at a telephone if the hearing is scheduled to be conducted by telephone conference call. If a needed witness is not willing to participate in the hearing, you may request that the Tribunal issue a subpoena. In addition, you should bring any documents that you believe will support your position. If a document or record which is necessary to support your case is in the possession of someone else, it may be subpoenaed for production at the hearing.