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Please Explain The Osha Consultation Program.

Employers can request an on­site visit by one of the OSHA Consultation Program’s consultants to determine if safety and health hazards exist. The goal of this program is to help Nebraska employers identify and correct potential safety and health hazards before they become dangerous and expensive problems. This service is provided at no cost to Nebraska employers with one or more employees. This service is not available to municipal, county, state or federal agencies or organizations.

The service provided to employers can include:

  • Walk­through Safety and Health Survey
  • Safety and Health Program Assessment
  • Employer­Employee Training
  • Ventilation System Evaluation
  • Electrical Systems and Equipment Evaluation
  • Review of Machine Guarding
  • Noise Measurements
  • Air Sampling and Analysis
  • Assistance with Personal Protective Equipment
  • Comprehensive Written Reports
  • Technical Assistance
  • Exemption from Routine OSHA Inspections

Upon completion of the visit, program staff will identify hazards in your business and supply written reports of their findings including recommendations on how to reduce or eliminate the hazards. Corrective action on serious and imminent hazards is required as part of the program. The employer and consultant set and agree to time lines for correction of the serious hazards. The employer will be asked to confirm that corrective action has been taken.

To obtain more information contact:

Nebraska Department of Labor­OSHA Consultation
301 Centennial Mall South P.O. Box 95024
Lincoln, Nebraska 68509


(North Platte ­ 308­535­8165 / Omaha ­402­595­3168)