Employment Law -- Employee

How Will The Hearing Be Conducted?

The hearing will be conducted so as to allow each party to present his or her side of the case and ask questions of the other party. The Administrative Law Judge presiding at the hearing will participate in the questioning of the parties and their witnesses to discover pertinent facts, and will assist unrepresented parties in phrasing questions. You may hire an attorney at your own expense.

The Administrative Law Judge has sole authority for the conduct of the hearing. He or she will:

  • Explain the issues and the meaning of the terms which the parties do not understand;
  • Explain the order of the testimony, questioning and rebuttal;
  • If necessary, assist the parties in questioning witnesses;
  • Question parties and witnesses to discover the necessary facts;
  • Determine whether testimony and documents being offered should be received and considered; and
  • Require parties to give a proper background for secondary evidence, documents and opinion testimony.