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How Does My Business Establish An Unemployment Tax Account?

Employers must get an account established as soon as they have had enough payroll or employment as defined in the Law. For most employers this is $1500 paid in a calendar quarter or having any employees working in 20 different weeks of a calendar year. These amounts vary for agricultural employers, domestic employers, non­profit employers, and governmental employers.

New Nebraska employers must be determined liable and complete an Application For An Unemployment Insurance Account to establish an account. Employers may complete the application and mail it or file an application on­line.

Once an employer is determined liable, he or she is issued an unemployment insurance account number. Once an employer has an account, employers are mailed quarterly Combined Tax Reports and Wage Reports each quarter. Reports and payments are due back at the Department of Labor by the end of the month following the end of the quarter.

Quarterly reports may also be filed online: UIConnect