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How Do I File For Continued Weekly Benefits?

There are three ways to do this ­ using TeleCert, mailing a certification card, or online.

You may use TeleCert and get your checks weekly. When you use TeleCert there are no certification forms to fill out and mail. You simply answer the eligibility questions using the numbers on a touch­tone telephone. With TeleCert, you make one weekly telephone call to certify your eligibility for your unemployment insurance benefits. You can even call on Sunday. When you are eligible for benefits, instead of getting your checks every two weeks, you can get your benefits weekly.

If you choose to file by mail, within one week from the time you file your claim, you will receive your first benefit claim certification form. Complete and mail each certification form you receive to the address preprinted on the card. When you are eligible for benefits, your check will be mailed to you. Attached to your check will be another certification card for the next two weeks. On each certification form you are signing for benefits for the prior two­week period, and must meet all eligibility requirements for that time.

File your unemployment insurance claim for weekly benefits online. If you have chosen to claim benefits electronically, you may alternate between WebCert and Telecert. 

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