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Are There Certain Occupations That Are Prohibited For Minors?

The following occupations are prohibited for minors under age 18:

  1. Occupations in or about Plants or Establishments Manufacturing or Storing Explosives or Articles containing Explosive Components
  2. Motor Vehicles Driver and Outside Helper
  3. Coal Mine Occupations
  4. Logging or Sawmill Operations
  5. Operation of Power­Driven Woodworking Machines
  6. Exposure to Radioactive Substances
  7. Operation of Power­Driven Hoisting Apparatus
  8. Operation of Power­Driven Metal Forming, Punching, and Shearing Machines
  9. Mining, other than coal
  10. Slaughtering, Meat Packing or Processing, or Rendering
  11. Operation of Bakery Machines
  12. Operation of Paper Products Machines
  13. Manufacture of Brick, Tile and Kindred Products
  14. Operation of Circular Saws, Band Saws, and Guillotine Shears
  15. Wrecking, Demolition and Shipwrecking Operations
  16. Roofing Operations
  17. Excavating Operations
  18. In, about, or in connection with any establishment where alcoholic liquors are distilled, rectified, compounded, brewed, manufactured, bottled, sold for consumption or dispensed un­less permitted by the rules and regulations of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (except they may be employed in places where the sale of alcoholic beverages by the package is merely incidental to the main business actually conducted).
  19. Pool or billiard room

In addition to the above, minors under 16 years of age may not be employed in: Any manufacturing, mining, or processing occupations, including occupations requiring the performance of any duties in work rooms or work places where goods are manufactured, mined, or otherwise processed; occupations which involve the operation or tending of hoisting apparatus or any power­driven machinery other than office machines; operation of motor vehicles or service as helpers on such vehicles; public messenger service; occupations in connection with: Transportation of persons or property by rail, highway, air, water, pipeline, or other means, warehousing and storage, communications and public utilities, construction (including demolition and repair).

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