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How Do I Set Up A Tax Account?

You need to file a Report to Determine Status (Form 2837). After an employer has been issued an account number, quarterly reports (UC1 quarterly contributions report and UC5 quarterly payroll report) will be automatically forwarded to the business address at the end of each calendar quarter. It is the employer’s responsibility to monitor the receipt of quarterly reports. If they are not received you should call (317) 232­7436 or 232­7427 to request the missing quarterly report. For every employer covered by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development Act, DWD maintains a separate record, identified by an individual account number. Every time you pay your unemployment tax, make a voluntary payment, or reimburse DWD, the amount is posted to your account. The only charges made against your account are for unemployment insurance drawn by your former employees, or employees working reduced hours or on layoff. Unemployment payments are charged proportionately against the accounts of all base period employers.

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