Employment Law -- Employee

What Can I Do If I Am Denied Benefits?

If you have been denied benefits, you can either request reconsideration or file an appeal. Your request must be in writing, either on a department form or by letter, and filed within 10 calendar days after the date the notice was mailed to you.

If you request reconsideration, the Unemployment Insurance Division will decide whether the decision can be reversed; if it cannot, then it may be forwarded as an appeal to the Employment Security Appeals Office or issue you a redetermination affirming the original determination. You have the right to appeal a redetermination affirming the original determination.

If you request an appeal, then you have up to 30 days to file your appeal, if you have good cause for not filing your appeal within 10 days. The Employment Security Appeals Office will schedule a hearing and notify you and other interested parties of the date and time of the hearing.

If the appeals officer affirms the UI Division’s decision denying you unemployment insurance benefits, you may file for judicial review by the Hawaii Circuit Court.