Employment Law -- Employee

How Can An Employer Report?

When you report, the following information must be included:

  1. Employee’s name
  2. Employee’s address
  3. Employee’s Social Security Number
  4. Employer’s name
  5. Employer’s address
  6. Employer’s Federal Identification Number
  7. Date of Hire

You may report by providing the employee’s W­4 form. After an employee completes this IRS form, fill in your employer I information in the space provided. Fax or mail a copy of the form to Child Support Enforcement Agency, New Hire Reporting: Child Support Enforcement Agency New Hire Reporting Kakuhihewa Building 601 Kamokila Blvd., Suite #251 Kapolei, Hawaii 96707 FAX: (808) 693­7001 TELEPHONE: (808) 692­7029 Employers have the option of reporting via diskette or electronically. Call the phone number provided above for information on these methods.