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What If I Disagree With A Denial Of Unemployment Benefits?

You have the right to file an appeal of any decision within 15 days after the date the decision is released. If the decision is on your separation from work, your employer also has the right to appeal.

After you file your appeal, a written notice will be sent advising you of the hearing time, date and all issues to be discussed. A hearing officer conducts a telephone (or sometimes an in­person) hearing with you and your employer. The hearing is usually conducted with both parties on the telephone at the same time. In this hearing the participants give sworn statements about the issue(s) which were on the notice of hearing. Documents which relate to the case may be submitted into evidence for the hearing officer to consider in making a decision.

The hearing officer reviews all of the testimony and evidence from the hearing and then writes a decision, which is mailed to the parties involved.

Contact information is as follows:

Georgia Department of Labor
Unemployment Insurance
Appeals Unit ­ Suite 150
148 International Blvd., NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30303­1751
FAX 404­656­7361
TEL 404­656­3035