Are There Special Requirements For Employment In The Entertainment Industry?

Employment in the entertainment industry requires special application and certificate of consent. The employer must complete an Application for the Employment of Minors in Entertainment (DOL­4100) and submits it along with the script or storyboard to:

Georgia Department of Labor
Child Labor Section
148 International Blvd., N.E., Suite 810
Atlanta, Georgia 30303­1751

Phone:(404) 656 ­ 3613

FAX: (404) 657 Û 0019

If all is acceptable with the application, a Consent for the Employment of Minors will be issued to the employer. Minors 15 years of age and under may not work or be present at a performance for more than 10 hours. This 10­hour period must include a minimum of a one­hour break for meals. If at any time a minor is present on a production or performance site for greater than 4 hours, one hour rest and recreation must be provided, and, additional breaks as may be required to ensure the health, safety and well­ being of the minor shall be permitted.

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