Are Any Types Of Employment Exempt From Coverage Under District Of Columbia Unemployment Insurance Law?

The following types of employment are not covered by District of Columbia unemployment insurance law:

  • service performed by an individual under 18 years of age as a baby­sitter;
  • casual labor not in the course of an employer’s trade or business;
  • service by an individual employed by the individual’s son, daughter or spouse;
  • service by a child under 21 years of age employed by his/her parent;
  • service as an insurance agent if entirely on commission;
  • service performed in the employ of a church, religious convention, association of churches, or any organization which is operated primarily for religious purposes;
  • service performed as part of an unemployment work­relief or work­training program assisted or financed by any federal or state agency or political subdivision, by an individual receiving such work relief or training;
  • service performed in the employ of a foreign government;
  • service performed in the employ of a public international organization such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund; and COMSAT;
  • service performed in a facility for rehabilitation by a person receiving rehabilitation;
  • service performed by an inmate of a penal institution
  • service performed for a railroad which is covered under provisions of the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act;
  • service performed by a student at his/her school, college, or university;
  • service performed in the employ of a hospital as a student nurse or intern;
  • service performed by an individual under the age of 18 years in the delivery or distribution of newspaper.

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