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Coronavirus-Related Legal Resources

As the coronavirus continues to spread across the United States, it is clear that this pandemic will have far-reaching consequences beyond just the health of those infected.

The economic upheaval caused by this virus will likely affect tens of millions of people or more. There will also be countless legal decisions that people will need to make. These can get overwhelming in a hurry.

We have prepared this compilation of LawInfo articles to help you get started. These articles can help you determine what your rights and options are, but they are not a substitute for the guidance of a qualified attorney. If you think you need an attorney’s assistance, we invite you to search LawInfo’s free directory of attorneys. You can search by both location and practice area.

Employment Law

We have a wealth of information available regarding unemployment benefits, wage-and-hour violations, and paid and unpaid medical leave.

Unemployment Benefits and Job Loss

Employee Leave

Wage & Hour Violations

Business and Commercial Law

If you’re interested in starting your own business as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, these articles are a good place to start your planning.

Dealing With Debt

Job losses and medical bills will cause household debts to skyrocket. These resources can help you begin to address any debt struggles and their unintended consequences.




Consumer Protection and Insurance Issues

Whether you are seeking health care, looking for a refund for a canceled vacation, or making sure you don’t get taken advantage of by bad actors, these articles have you covered.

Family Law

Financial issues and illness will also have large effects on divorced and split up parents. We can help you understand what your rights and options are to ensure your children’s needs are met.

Estate Planning

Unfortunately this crisis brings into focus the importance of planning ahead. Having an estate plan in place can help shed light on your wishes for critical health care and make the distribution of assets to loved ones go more smoothly, should you be faced with an uncertain outcome. These articles can help you get started.

State Resources

LawInfo also has a large repository of state-based legal information and resources, including for states hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

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