Employment Law -- Employee

What Remedies Are Available For Employment Discrimination?

The remedies available include the following:

  • Back pay
  • Hiring
  • Promotion
  • Reinstatement
  • Out­of­pocket expenses
  • Front pay
  • Policy changes
  • Training
  • Reasonable accommodation
  • Affirmative relief
  • Actual damages, including damages for emotional distress

In addition to the above, the Fair Employment and Housing Commission may order administrative fines against private employers. These administrative fines combined with any damages awarded for emotional distress cannot exceed $150,000 per aggrieved person per employer. If an individual decides to pursue his or her case in a private lawsuit, the remedies are identical with two exceptions:

  • There is no limit on the amount of emotional distress damages
  • Instead of administrative fines, unlimited punitive damages may be awarded

Remedies may also include the payment of attorney’s fees and other court costs.