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How Does An Employee File A Complaint For Employment Discrimination?

To file a complaint of employment discrimination, call the appropriate telephone number found by viewing the Department of Fair Employment and Housing Contact Information. If the matter falls within the Department's jurisdiction, you, or the person you represent, will be given an appointment for an interview at the nearest DFEH office.

Department staff conduct impartial investigations in which records are reviewed and relevant witnesses are interviewed. An investigation may be conducted on site and/or through telephone interviews. The Department has the authority to take depositions, issue subpoenas and interrogatories and seek Temporary Restraining Orders during the course of its investigation. All evidence gathered is analyzed to determine if a violation of the Fair Employment and Housing Act has occurred. In making its determination, the Department considers evidence from both sides as well as from any neutral parties the Department may have contacted.

The Department has up to one year from the date a complaint is filed in which to complete an investigation and issue an accusation for public hearing if it is justified.