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Are Minors Prohibited From Any Specific Jobs?

In California no worker under 18 may:

  • Drive a motor vehicle on public streets as part of the job
  • Drive a forklift
  • Use powered equipment like a circular saw, box crusher, meat slicer, or bakery machine
  • Work in wrecking, demolition, excavation, or roofing
  • Work in logging or a sawmill
  • Handle, serve, or sell alcoholic beverages
  • Work where there is exposure to radiation

Also, no one 14 or 15 years old may:

  • Do any baking or cooking on the job (except cooking at a serving counter)
  • Work in dry cleaning or a commercial laundry
  • Do building, construction, or manufacturing work
  • Load or unload a truck, railroad car, or conveyor
  • Work on a ladder or scaffold

For additional information on the types of work that minors are permitted to engage in, you can review and/or download the Child Labor Law Pamphlet 2000 .

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