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What Can I Do To Insure I Am In Compliance With Federal Osha Regulations Without Hiring A Private Consultant?

The Arkansas Department of Labor offers OSHA consultation services at no cost to employers. Consultation services include worksite surveys to help employers recognize and correct safety and health hazards. Consultants can work with employers to identify potential problems, as well as provide assistance in the development and implementation of proven, effective safety and health programs. 

A number of training opportunities are offered by the agency, or its consultants that can provide customized training developed for your specific needs. 

The Safety Division also maintains a library of books, pamphlets, brochures, as well as films and videos, on occupational safety and health topics. These are also available at no cost. You may specifically want to request the “OSHA Handbook for Small Businesses”. You can find this information at one of the Safety Division Media Libraries.