Employment Law -- Employee

What Are The Benefit Limits?

Except for compelling reasons, benefits for the care of any one person involving a single injury or disability will not be paid beyond one year from the date of initial allowance, and cannot exceed $2,500.

Requests to exceed the benefit limit or the duration of care must be in writing. They must note the “amount of relief” or additional benefits needed, or the “extent of additional time” required. Compelling reasons justifying the request must be specified and must be sufficient to justify the requested benefit or time extension and must include: the financial status of the fisherman; impact of injury or illness on the fisherman’s ability to earn a living while undergoing required treatment and to continue to earn a living commercial fishing; any other compelling factors that affect the fisherman’s ability to pay for related expenses in excess of $2,500, or that result in conditions that require follow­up treatment beyond one year.